Art in Paradise Chiang Mai

art in paradise, art in paradise chiang mai

Picture yourself at Art in Paradise

Art in Paradise the First Selfie Museum in Chiang Mai

Forget about stodgy art institutions banning selfie sticks. Now there’s a museum in Chiang Mai specifically designed for social media snapshots… Sounds like fun for the whole family!

art in paradise, art in paradise chiang mai

Like something straight out of a painter’s fantasy, a new attraction called Art in Paradise in Chiang Mai uses 3D replicas of paintings to put visitors in the center of fun backgrounds and art’s most famous masterpieces. It is the first-ever selfie museum in Chiang Mai!

The 3D-trick eye museum, located on Changklan Road, gives everyone the opportunity to actually become part of the art on display. More than 130 paintings inside the museum are divided into six zones: underwater world zone, wildlife zone, classic art zone plus different scenes of cities in Europe, Asia and Ancient Egypt.

art in paradise, art in paradise chiang mai

art in paradise, art in paradise chiang mai

Actively encouraging guests to share their experiences with friends, family and followers, Art In Paradise‘s director explains that “here, art paintings are not complete if you are not with them, if you don’t take pictures with them.” So step into Jan Vermeer’s Milkmaid painting or be Leonardo Da Vinci creating Mona Lisa, then share, tweet or ‘gram to your heart’s content.


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